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Any tips on how to better manage money?

No one my age seems to know how to. I’m not trying to have a job w no real savings. And.. I need to move out of my grandma house before I start school next spring.

Networking never gets old

So much can change in 1 month.

I’m going natural.. and will probably grow some dreads in the next 5 years.

What are you guys doing on a Tuesday night?

Now as far as my education goes.. I’ve been thinking about doing research on personality disorders but I really don’t want to go to far astray from Biomedical sciences and dentistry.

I know of I do study personality disorders dental schools are probably gonna be like whaaaaaa?!?!?! When I apply lol. Its just something I’m interested in studying at the moment but I want to be an orthodontist no matter what. God willing I’ll be able to do it all.

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